^^^^ THIS DOUCHE BAG (Not you Paris, Sorry but I don’t know how to crop you out of the picture)


This piece of shit has been stealing and selling art from many artists on Deviantart as well as other websites(I dont know the names off of the top of my head), he’s even taken art work from Marvel and DC artists, claiming the pictures were all his!

FUCKING MARVEL AND DC COMICS. Did he really think he could get away with this?

Apparently this guy is/was pretty famous, known as a “New York Multimedia Pop Artist” (COUGH COUGH HACK). As I understand it his site has been up since 2002 (It has now been taken down), related to (I think it was taken down too), was used to sell “his” works, when really he was just stealing from other people and jacking up the price. Many artists were NOT aware that their work was being used and did NOT give Lieberman permission to use their works. Alexiuss(username) is just one of many Deviantart artists who had their work stolen.

More detail on his case here:

If you click on the link above you’ll see that Alexiuss has screen shots of the site posting his art work, and his original art work.

You’ll also notice that most of the art on Art4love is sold at a price near $300. Yes. That’s right, $300. It could be worth, let’s say $50 from the original artist, but nope, he’s got to jack up the price. You know why? BECAUSE HE NEEDS TO PAY $800 A MONTH TO HAVE HIS BALLS INSURED. Great to known that not only has someone been stealing art, but that their using it for a good cause too.

(for those interested here’s an article on his insured sacks:

What a looker, right?(facebook picture;most of his website has been taken down and his personal social networking sites are on private)

He was also interviewed for a site a while back for Treez:

(Treez does not wish to be associated with Lieberman, they were just doing an interview)

The article contains pictures of him at his home, standing by what probably is stolen artwork:


It also contains these quotes:

“I’ve been told that my style is very Andy Warhol…very Jackson Pollock. I take that as a big compliment even though I never studied them.”
“I am just driven. No psychological pain drives me. I like to be creative.”

“Even though I’ve been known to be an eccentric assh*le, I am a humble artist.”
“I just get frustrated with stupidity and ignorance. I have learned that men are NOT all created equal, as much as it pains me to say.”

Now I find this truly disgusting. I’ve read from a few sources that he has published books, which are apparently plagiarized as well.

Let’s spread the word, this guy has to pay.

Thank you for reading and please reblog! Here are some more links if anyone else is interested:

(All of the links I posted are the sites I used to gather information)

And how about one more quote (cutrosy of Treez) from the lovely Mr.Lieberman?

“Life is good…I have 805 credit. No ‘baby-mama drama’. Nobody wants to kill me, and I don’t owe anyone money.”

Hmmm. We’ll just see about that. Good thing he’s got his balls insured.

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